Citrus Mosaic Framed White 30x12J (Image through Apophysis 7X, cropping and subsequent post-render effects through Paintshop Pro15. For fun a glass block mosaic was superimposed on the image. One of my fond childhood memories from the early 60's was the cool glass block wall in the bathroom of the neighbors, and the glass block windows in the same room. It was magical. The mystery of not being able to quite make out what was behind that crazy and extravagant glass wall has evidently stayed with me and prompted this piece-whoever heard of such a thing in a factory town??) See also:!i=2643379528&k=gjTRwNW,!i=2643400553&k=jmD5vx7!i=2645595552&k=pSXCcgK!i=2643389863&k=9nS3GKd - MorganFractals