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Hollow World at Forest Moon

Hollow World at Forest Moon

Hollow World at Forest Moon

Fractal Abstract: 48x32; 42x28; 36x24; 30x20; 24x16; 18x12; 12x8; 47.04 MP

This fractal abstract illustrates the enormous interstellar spaceships known as Hollow Worlds. Hollow Worlds are artificially constructed cylinders that generate gravity and offer a unique design that permits the growth of forests and idyllic landscapes for dwellers and tourists alike. They travel in interstellar voyages which last for centuries or even milennia. It is most common for the world-ships to travel to the center of civilized groups with unusually large numbers of inhabited planets circling most of the stars in the sector. These historic treks provide for a rich exchange of genetic material as travelers mingle with planet-folk...a deliberate "cleansing" of stale and risky gene pools. The elite life style of the hollow worlds attracts the younger restless planet dwellers, and a symbiosis of enrichment for both populations is the result. The travelers finally get to settle down on "hard earth" and the restless planet-bound leave their planets and visit other star systems. This Hollow World has stopped at a Forest Moon circling a Jupiter-sized gas giant circling a Red Giant star, a popular tourist attraction.

Doug Morgan; Morgan Fractals Iowa City; 03272015

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