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Woodland Violets

Woodland Violets

Woodland Violets; Fractal Abstract; 16:9 wide-screen format
16 x 9; 24 x 13.5; 32 x 18; 40 x 22.5; 48 x 27
This fractal abstract was specially created as a screensaver for high definition or 4K wide-screen TVs (16 x 9 format, up to 65" diagonal screen size).

This fractal abstract belongs to a series designed to help one relax in these stressful times. The soft surrender of meditation on a visually restful scene or abstract is increasingly attractive in today's hectic world. Contemplating, meditating, or just looking at a lovely abstract...this abstract may calm the viewer while also providing aesthetic wall art for home or office. The series offers a variety of colors and lovely soft fractal designs.

Want this screensaver and wall art for wide-screen TVs?
Purchase an original-sized high-resolution digital download from SmugMug MorganFractals (JPEG download): $19.99 Personal Download; $299.99 Commercial Download.
Click on the "Buy" button, then click "Downloads," then click "Single Photo Download (Original Size)" and finalize the purchase as directed.

This format will work well for large LCD/LED screens, and the high resolution will permit the magic to appear as a fractal screen saver on a smart TV. This image will accommodate wide-screen sizes up to 65" diagonal (32" x 57" image) with adequate resolution (comparable to high definition). The TV screen becomes wall art...purchase several screensaver images from the "Screensaver" gallery and show them all as a slide show on the smart TV.


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