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Groplogger Vortex-5 Linen & Chocolate

Groplogger Vortex-5 Linen & Chocolate

Groplogger Vortex-Series 5; Linen & Chocolate

Kaleidoscopic Fractal Abstract (square); Size 21.17 MB; 33.43 MP; 5782 x 5782 pixels

A 12-panel kaleidoscopic manipulation (Corel Paintshop Pro-14) was applied to a square portion of an original Morgan Fractals abstract, Groplogger (Apophysis 7X). Several variants in the kaleidoscope parameters led to markedly different patterns. Color changes were created through pre-set color substitutions (IrfanView).

Doug Morgan; Morgan Fractals Iowa City; 04262015

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