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Old Silk Blue Floral

Old Silk Blue Floral

Fractal Art: 16 x 9 Format, up to 60" x 33.75" (66" diagonal); 16x9; 32x18; 48 x 27; 60 x 33.75;

Image size: 8593 x 4834 pixels (File Size: 45.38 MB); View at 3X or Original Size for best detail

Doug Morgan; Morgan Fractals Iowa City; 04222015

Floral patterns with gentle spirals, circles, and curlicues creat a lovely fractal abstract. The blue filigree patterns over the weathered background look absolutely beautiful. The abstract is in 16x9 format making it suitable for a large-screen TV digital screensaver (up to 65" TV). The format will work well for large LCD/LED screens, and the high resolution will permit the magic to appear as a fractal screen saver on a smart TV.

This fractal abstract belongs to a series designed to help one relax in these stressful times. The soft surrender of meditation on a visually restful scene or abstract is increasingly attractive in today's hectic world. Contemplating, meditating, or just looking at a lovely abstract...this abstract may calm the viewer while also providing aesthetic wall art for home or office. The series offers a variety of colors and lovely soft fractal designs.

See the Relaxation-Meditation Gallery to purchase these 16x9 format digital images for use as a digital screensaver for big screen smart TVs. Intended as digital wall art for wide-screen smart TV up to 65", but can be used for any purpose. Digital download, personal: $19.99. Commercial download: $299.99

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